Seriously? Meal planning?

The definition of a blurb has something along the lines of short, brief advertisement or praise or what I liked most, a puff! I have been pondering what to write in my first blog and got so caught up in figuring out which subject I should touch first that I almost lost the point of a SHORT puff!

We talked about this in the office yesterday and here it goes: Meal planning! In our house we have all these glorious ideas about dinner time together, everyone around the table sharing lovely food and talking about their day after loving mom prepared the meal dancing in the kitchen. Reality is the scramble to provide good healthy food for a family of 5 is exhausting! And boring! And annoying! And the thought of doing this for another what 40 years is a bit scary. Now I have adopted the following: Monthly meal planning! Yes you heard right, MONTHLY! I drafted a plain spreadsheet and scribbled meals in there at the end of the month for the next, bought the HFG (Healthy food guide for those that don’t know) for inspiration and it WORKS. It’s not pretty but it WORKS. Look at it:

Every Saturday I update our blackboard in the kitchen with our menu for the week and again, it WORKS. The kids get over the fact that it will be vegetable frittata on Thursday a lot quicker when they already know about it on Saturday! I have a lot more time and patience now that I don’t have to worry so often what to cook. Go and try it for yourself – you won’t be disappointed! And let me know how you go!

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