When you don´t know where to start

So, I have been thinking about reviving my blog again and that´s all I got done. The master of procrastination! I kept going in circles about where and how to rebuild it, what subjects to write about and all for such a long time now, that I actually didn´t post anything. Oh how life goes!

Procrastination – made me think. How many hours do we actually waste every day by thinking about how we can do the things we want to do instead of just getting on with it?

And why is it that the things I would love to start and do are always the ones that end up last on the list? Isn´t that actually counterproductive???

When you google procrastination and how to overcome it, you get almost 9M results, top 5 tips and a lot of different apps that all promise to help end the sluggish way of being. I got even more curious. So it turns out there is even a law that explains why I am not getting the things done I want to get done – So this British historian and author Parkinson wrote about the fact that work expands to fill available time! Meaning when we have more time for a task it gets bigger since the build up is higher?! Hang on, so if I don´t give myself more time, I can get more done?
Probably true to some degree when I think about unannounced guests that arrive in 30 min and I can get the house reasonably looking in that time.

Overall, I am now happy I made a start to write again – albeit a bit rusty – which I love doing!

Let´s see how long until next time…

All too fitting, this is what google pictures brought up when I asked for plan – credit to one of my very talented kids 🙂

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